Selling - Moving Tips - Move-In Checklist


Two Months


Quotes from moving companies


Quotes from storage companies


Quotes from truck rental companies.


Start a file for paperwork, receipts and notes.


Arrange to transfer school records.


Choose a mover or rental company


Know their policy on payment, day of move, before move, insurance, extra insurance


Choose a storage company


Fill out post office change-of-address cards


Subscribe to the newspaper at your new address


Transfer medical records.


Transfer dental records


Transfer medical prescriptions


Transfer veterinary records


Items of value – get appraised prior to move


Start using fresh food and cleaning supplies


Four Weeks


Schedule transfer of utilities at old house


Investigate child care services in your new area


Request partial month refund / payment


Request security deposit refund / payment if renting


Obtain packing materials and start packing


Arrange for cleaning of old house after personal items are out


Arrange for transportation of pets and plants as required.


Check with insurance agent to see how items are covered during move.


Get additional insurance for move as required.


Arrange for temporary housing


Get any town/community permits required.


Hold your yard sale


Collect your important records – gather personal and family records prior to major re-organization.


Notify magazines, credit card, friends and family of your change of address.


Arrange for professional installation of various appliances, equipment, and other items as required – entertainment centers, computer connections, Hot tubs, Pool Tables, ceiling fans, gas grills, antiques, chandeliers


Use up all refrigerator food, leave it empty, put in an open baking soda box


Three Weeks


Transfer car registrations, state tags, county tags, town tags


Get parking stickers


Arrange for use of elevator or loading dock


Arrange for moving access for gated communities


Pack old phone books from old home, stay in touch with old friends


Make personal travel arrangements Flights, hotel, car rentals


Make new bank safety deposit box arrangements


Make arrangements to close old deposit box


Two Weeks


Give away or trash anything not sold at moving sale.


Request packing boxes from movers for items you plan on packing yourself.


Service car, change oil


Return borrowed items


Get loaned items back.


Return library books


Cancel Library cards


Pick up any items at Laundromat/dry cleaners


Cancel any un-needed insurance, transfer coverage to new home


Transfer bank accounts


Pack a travel kit for critical items like medicines, passport, ID, personal phone box, personal items, first aid kit, games for the kids.


Arrange for baby sitting for kids “Day of move”


Empty any secret hiding places


One Week


Take animals to vet for required shots as needed/check ups.


Close out safe-deposit box.


Settle any bills associated with old house


Drain all oil / gas out of motorized equipment.


Give away plants not to be moved


Give away animals not to be moved – Fish/aquarium or pond


Confirm all travel arrangements


Contact new utility companies and verify start dates.


Arrange for someone to help watch children and pets on moving day.


One day


Set aside all items needed for travel for pets


Obtain cash/checks needed


Dismantle beds and other large furniture


Mow your lawn one last time


Double check for disconnection of service or transfer of service


Remove any fixtures not included in sale –must be noted as “does not convey”


Pack your suitcase


Back up computer equipment


Disconnect all equipment not needed.


Notify the police that your house will be vacant


Obtain multiple directions, address, contact information, cell phones for everyone and hand those out to all parties helping in the move.


Leave behind all appliance information


Leave behind a forwarding address and contact information for your new address or emergency contact


Empty and defrosts refrigerator and freezer, put baking soda inside to keep fresh.


Arrange for payment to the moving company. Payment must be made at or before your belongings arrive at your new home. Know their policy on payment.


Moving Day


Be sure some one is at old house to answer questions


Note utility meter readings – especially water meter reading


Read your movers inventory and documentation before signing. Keep in safe place


Review all special instructions with movers.


Accompany the foreman to take inventory.


Verify delivery plans.


Give the home a final cleaning or arrange for final cleaning.


Moving Day


Check your belongings carefully and make sure that inventory and paperwork match.


Note any damaged items or crushed boxes.


Be prepared to pay driver before your possessions are unloaded.


Supervise unloading and unpacking.


Arrive before the movers, clear the path to each room.


Unpack your car.


Review your floor plan


Check to ensure utilities are connected and follow up


Confine pets and little kids to out of the way room, or have prearranged someone to watch them.


Tip the movers and van operator – See Tipping Movers


After move in


Resume deliver of newspaper and publications


Let local post office know


Create an emergency phone list for your new home.


Create list of important local phone numbers and address and directions


Change batteries in smoke detectors


Send thank you letters to all that helped out


Change house locks


Mail we have moved cards with new address and contact information.


Report any damage items to moving company and your insurance company