Selling - Introduction

My Pledge to you:

  • As your Listing Agent I will serve your Real Estate needs in Virginia and West Virginia
  • I will aggressively market your property both on the Internet and conventional media
  • I will work to achieve the highest sales price with a low time on market
  • I will provide personal, friendly and profession service with high ethics, low pressure, and low stress
  • I will help educate you, to get top dollar from your home and make accurate informed decisions.
  • Listen to your needs & concerns, and address those needs

Register Today, and gain complete access to my online set of tools and information. I will then contact you to see how we can proceed to the next step. If you are not sure, then look around and test-drive the tools, but I am sure you will find things to your liking and will ultimately register.

See first hand, how I market homes for sale and provide buyers unique tools to locate the property that they are looking for, with the fastest possible response and accuracy currently available.

The current market for searching for properties begins with the Internet. Over 80% of all home searching occurs on this new media. So, a strong Internet presence is required to be one of those found by buyers searching for properties. However, the conventional methods stimulate searching of specific web sites and overall drive buyers to start looking at their web site.

Being found is important, but if the information presented to buyers is not well organized or leaves the wrong impression – they will move on. So I have collected related information for buyers, to keep them informed with clear concise information.

Because I want to provide the highest Personal and Professional service possible to you my clients, I want to ensure that you have as much information as possible available. I will work with you to explain and educate you on the real estate process, to reinforce decisions that have been made, and to ensure that all decisions are made with complete confidence.