Selling - Home Inspection

Homes build today are very complex. There are local and county government rules and laws that govern the methods and materials used inside and out. Beyond that, there are homeowner association rules that also must be met.

By getting a home inspection you find out all of the problems and potential problems that may exist in your home. Most of the time, there are is a small list of minor issues that the seller will typically correct before settlement.

Make sure you are buying a sound investment.

  • Identify potential problems
  • Protects your valuable investment
  • Eliminates unwanted Liability
  • Characterizes potential health hazards

Be involved with the process of home inspection. It will re-confirm you decisions as to why you purchased the home and you will better understand the inner working of the home it self. Ask questions. The inspector is a professional, and can answer most of your questions.

A short list of things that are inspected…





Construction Code


Major Appliance



And many more items are inspected and reported on.

You may also consider getting a Home Warranty, which is insurance against breakdowns, mechanical and structural problems that are not found.

For complete details, please request more information on this professional service, I will be happy to provide additional information and put you in contact with a professional home inspection specialist.

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