Selling - Reducing Clutter - Yard Sale Tips

Once you have decided to hold a yard sale you want it to be as productive as possible. So the following are helpful tips, and hints for a successful yard sale.

If you think a yard sale may be too much to deal with you may consider giving it away. Many charities have trucks that will come to your home and pick up those items to be given away.

  • Advertise your yard sale on the web for free!! There are several places online that have free yard sale ads. is just one. Your local community may even have it's own website with free online classifieds.

    Advertise in your local newspaper & Advertise on bulletin boards in your community (grocery stores, community center, etc).
  • TAKE YOUR SIGNS DOWN! Many community and towns have fines for yard sale signs – so don’t get a fine…

    Check with your county government or homeowner's association to see if there are restrictions on yard sale signs.
  • NEVER EVER put a sign on utility pole for traffic sign.
  • Have a specific start and end time and a perpetual never-ending yard sale. Early birds will be there right at your starting time – you can bet on it.
  • Don't pick a holiday weekend (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) to have your sale.
  • Start accumulating the items you want to sell.
  • Look thru the boxes, clothes, coats, and any container of everything you plan to sell. You might be giving away something that you did not intend, so just check.
  • As you accumulate stuff for your sale, make sure you do not sell something that you'll regret later. Do not sell anything without the owner's approval.
  • Keep your pets in your house and away from your yard sale.
  • Prices on everything and in plain sight. Rule of thumb, price items about a 25% of what they would cost new.
  • Common priced item tables – everything for a $1 etc.
  • The bigger the price tag should be. Make it obvious.
  • Arrange CD/DVD in a box so the titles can be easily read
  • Place lawn mower or power tools (guy stuff), and more interesting items at the end of the driveway front in plain view of the road
  • sell sodas and have the kids run a lemonade stand.
  • High dollar items – have a receipt of sale pre made with all sales final receipt clearly printed. Also include any catalog ads & pricing (showing what a deal they are getting). You should have two copies – one for them & for you.
  • Put away stuff you don’t want to sell. A kid’s bike was sold once when the kid was riding it – jumped off and it got sold.
  • Safeguard money – have change on hand and small bills
  • Don't accept checks. If they really want it, they will go to the bank and get cash or use a local ATM.
  • When making change – it is common to leave all money out on the table while making change – otherwise you can get – I gave you a $20, not a $10. Remember you are going to be busy answering question and getting interrupted and can lose track.
  • Use paper and plastic grocery bags for sold items
  • When having your kids sell their own toys, explain to them that they are making space to put the new toys that they buy themselves with the money they earn selling the old toys.
  • Make available an extension cord to test electrical appliances
  • Fill a bag of kids clothes or small toys for a single set price – a bag deal.
  • Toys – games etc. that have many small parts – seal in a Ziploc bag.
  • Everyone wants to bargain – but do that toward the end of your yard sale, it will most likely go for the price you have already set.
  • Where possible do a multi family yard sale, just keep track of who sold what.
  • TAKE YOUR SIGNS DOWN after the sale!