Relocation - Introduction

Relocating is one of the hardest personal undertakings that you will have. Because you will be faced with a lot of questions and decisions that you will be unfamiliar with, you will need help. I will be there to answer your questions, guide you thought the process, and help free up some of your time, so you can focus on the personal issues associated with your relocation. I will help you select the county, subdivision and home that will meet your needs and desires.

Relocation is just like a local real estate purchase but has additional complications and unique issues due to distance and being unfamiliar with the area.

For the common issues in buy real estate, please look in the Buyers section.

Begin by prioritize your home requirements.


Use the “What is Important Worksheet” that I have provided. Go through each element and write down your requirements for each of the things to consider.

With my knowledge of the various areas, I will help you select subdivisions, communities and counties that offer the features that you have decided. You can click on my Area Information to find out more about the counties and some of the other points of interest.

Click here for "Home Buyers – What is Important Worksheet"

When Can you Move, when can your family move?

When do you need to move-in? When can you move-in? Is your time frame flexible? This may be already predetermined due to a change of employment relocation plan. We may need to arrange for temporary housing and move part of the family first then move the remaining family members at a later date..

Being flexible on when you can move is an advantage when buying your new home and will become a bargaining point.

Temporary housing

In many cases, relocation involves temporary housing. We can arrange for short-term housing in stages to provide at first for one person and then rent larger short-term housing, but only when the remaining family members are ready. By doing this in stages you can save money by renting the rooms that you will need.

We will work with you and adjust based upon your needs and timing. And as always we are here to help reduce the stress of Relocation.

What can You Afford.

How much can you afford? You will need to allocate funds for different types of expenses such as moving, storage, temporary housing, deposits and others. These fees are not related to your mortgage. You also will need to determine how much you need to put down and what type of loan you qualify for by working with a mortgage specialist.


Know how much you can afford so you can work to find the right house.
Request Pre-Qualification / Pre-Approval

As you can see, there are plenty of questions that come up (these are just a few) and we can help you every step of the way. If you have any questions or need help in understanding any of the costs or decisions please feel free to Contact Me.