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Buying verses renting can save you money and start you on your way to owning a home. You can stop paying rent and start building your own equity, financial and emotional security.

May times the amount that you are paying in rent, is close to the same amount that you would if you were buying a similar size home. Then when you taken into account the tax savings and write offs, you actually will have more buying power than you ever expected.

I can help you with insightful information, direct you to other sets of great information, and help you make informed decisions.

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Credit Check

Before you start to buy your home, check on your credit history, even if you think that your history is spotless. Don’t wait until you are trying to buy your home. Do periodic credit checks on your self. If you find discrepancies, you will need to straighten these out before you start buy a home and make sure that you get it all in writing. Also close out any credit cards you no longer use and avoid making large purchases on credit cards. Bad credit and accumulated debt might prevent you from getting a mortgage, or getting the mortgage at good terms. Clean credit and low debt will put you in a position of getting the best possible loan with the best possible terms and rates.

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Know your buying power

Think you need a 20% down payment to buy a home?  Not so!  Speak with a mortgage specialist or your bank about the many different loan programs that are available for first-time homebuyers.  The amount of money you can borrow for a mortgage is based on your credit rating, employment history, income, and assets.  The money you have available for a down payment together with mortgage money is considered your "buying power." 

Speak with a mortgage specialist about becoming "pre-approved" for a loan.  Doing so greatly increases your chances of buying a home in this area's fast-paced real estate market. 

Also, as a first time homebuyer, you have an advantage over a homebuyer who has to sell their property before they buy. Your advantage comes from fewer restrictions.

You do not have to sell a home or do back to back closings

You can be more flexible as to when you can move in.

This all adds up to advantages, in your favor. A seller wants the least amount of problems associated with their sale and closing.


Before you start, begin with a plan (jump to Start with a Plan)

Why Pre-Qualify

It is extra important as a first time buyer to begin the qualification process. This will give you all of the insights needed to make the complex choices, provide you with a detailed list of expenses, and a detailed itemization of your credit history. This will allow you to correct any issues and gather required funds prior to actually beginning the home buying process.


So begin by starting to work with a mortgage agent, get the ball rolling, and know what you can afford. This will save you money and time in the long run, and overall give you a piece of mind that you are securing your future. (jump to Pre-Qualify form)

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Buy starting to work with me today; I can guide you through the complex process and decisions that are involved with purchasing real estate. Many factors need to be taken into consideration and information needs to be collected / reviewed so that you can make informed decisions that make since your unique situation.

My services are Convenience.

I will help your real estate education, provide fast and complete information and help you narrow down your selections. I can provide you with school and area reports.

I will provide the tools and information of all properties for sale from the most up-to-date online – putting you in control of your home search.

Review complete details from the comfort of your home or office.  As a registered client you'll receive the address allowing you to do "drive-bys" - then you can let us know which properties you would like to view.  Time is valuable - and we don't want to waste yours by taking you to unsuitable properties!

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As a registered user, you can save the properties that interest you and then e-mail me or call me to set up an appointment. You will have access to potential homes - 24 hours a day with complete details with no waiting like some other agents - who will deliver results next day or even worst 2 or more days or by mail.