Buying - What I Will Do For You

Buying a home is complex, full of decisions and questions. My role is to aid you in your decision making process, keep you informed, establish a path for success, and negotiate a fair purchase price with the terms and conditions you need.

  • Professional Tools and Information
  • Professional Advise and Help
  • Professional Negotiation

Professional Tools and Useful Information

We have collected tools and information; stay up to date with the market and the related information. We pass this knowledge on to you in one well-organized place, right here.

Best Property Searching

Leading edge property searching tools -This tool allows you to search and find the property you want. With best of the best results - such as:

  • Fast Results, hours and not days with higher accuracy.
  • Full Detail text information – most complete information available,
  • Fastest E-Mail Updates, sent within hours of new listing
  • Well-organized pages that print to single page – not 3 or more like most sites.
  • Photo Galleries showing the inside and out side photos of potential properties
  • Virtual & Impact Tours that show a multi media presentation on your property
  • Save Favorite Properties, allowing quick display and recall of those properties
  • Save Searches for later use
  • Distance Search for Prosperities; showing available prosperities and the distance from a specific location.
  • Updates of Newly available Properties delivered right to your e-mail address
  • And More.

We are here to help you every part of the way and make your move smooth.
Call or Register today and start the process of moving into your new home.

Well-organized Information

There is a lot of information available on the web and finding related information that is specific to your needs is challenging because of the amount of information. The information that is available here is current and up to date, with targeted information that directly relates to your needs.

Check Lists and Priority

We know that purchasing a home is a challenge, and there are many things that need to be thought about or followed up on. This site contains useful lists that will aid you in your decision making process and help you with keeping track of things you might have forgotten about or slipped your mind.

School Information

Schools are an important part of the decision making process as to where to move. There are many factors to take in to consideration when making these choices. We have available to our users the best well organized School information that details such things as test scores, teacher to student ratio, actives and other vital information.

Area Information

With our Area Information – you will have access to information on the areas you want with out all of the looking around. This details such information as Utility companies, local government, traffic conditions, parks, attractions, area business, and many more.

As a registered exclusive client you can receive the address allowing you to do "drive-bys" - then you can let us know which properties YOU would like to view.  Time is valuable - and we don't want to waste yours by taking you to unsuitable properties!

Pre-Qualification / Approval & Mortgage Tools

Fill out one of our online forms that get submitted directly to a mortgage company and get the ball rolling quickly. We encourage all homebuyers to get either pre-qualified or pre-approved. This helps you understand how much you can afford and also helps in the contract negotiation process. When this is combined with Mortgage tools, you will be able to project and estimate your mortgage and set your expatiations on your new home purchase.

Professional Advice

As you already know, there are many decisions and information that must be clearly understood before making final choices. Because I am a seasoned professional with a large network of business professionals, I will be able to quickly and professionally answer your real estate questions.

REMEMBER: If you have a question, ask a Professional.

Professional Negotiator – Making Deals that Close - " Always in the Lead "

Because the market is moving so quickly, you will want to be in the lead with favorable terms and a fair price.

I am always working to keep you way a head, in the lead, and with information you need to successfully close on your next home.

Working together we will refine and locate the right property. We will go see your list of properties that you want. And compare these against other potential properties without wasting your time.

Once you have selected “YOUR NEXT HOME”, you don’t want your offer to be rejected.

Before an offer is made, a Competitive Market Analysis will be done, detailing your chosen home, and others in that are similar in the market or have recently sold.

Price is not always everything, but many times is the final factor for the sellers. We know how to negotiate your contract terms and conditions so they will allow your offer to be ultimately accepted by the seller.

Start the ball rolling today - get registered so I can stay in touch with you, keep you up to date and make the full range of tools / information accessible to you.