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To get pre-qualified, please fill out the simple form below and add in any special notes. Then select which Mortgage Company you would like to forward your request. The basic information is then sent over to that company and a loan officer will then get back in touch with you and follow up with additional information and requests. The ultimate outcome will be how much that you pre-qualify.

Pre-qualified - you work with a mortgage specialist and fill out simple forms, provide documentation on how much you earn, how much you owe on a monthly basis and also how much you can put down. All information is handled strictly confidential. The result is an estimate as to the highest price that you can afford and the term and condition. Further, more complete documentation or a more in-depth research may indicate that you qualify for a bit higher loan amount.

Pre-approval – is similar to pre-qualifying, but much more in-depth- you fill out complete documentation 100%. Complete research is done so that all issues are resolved prior to approval and your home loan becoming underwritten. Your lender handles all documentation and all information is strictly confidential. The result is as good as cash and provides the highest level of negotiation leverage besides actual cash.
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