Buying - Home Buyers Checklist


Set appointment for home inspection.


Set appointment for radon inspection.


Set appointment for termite inspection.


Set appointment for lead paint inspection (if applicable.)


Set appointment for well inspection (if applicable.)


Set appointment for septic inspection (if applicable.)


Received results of home inspection.


Received results of radon inspection.


Received results of all other inspections.


Submitted addendums regarding inspections (if applicable.)


Signed and received all addendums regarding inspections.


Submitted check for second deposit


Formalized mortgage application (within 10 days of signing agreement of sale.)


Completed documents sent to mortgage company.


Employment verification received by mortgage company.


Condo documents reviewed, within 5 days of receipt (if applicable.)


Check with mortgage for okay on in-depth credit report.


Order Home Owners Insurance.


Call Realtor to ensure nothing missed.


Arrange for someone to help watch children for closing date.


Call Attorney and Realtor to coordinate Closing Date and Time.


Call Realtor for final walk-through of property.