About - RE/MAX Premier

RE/MAX Premier is an industry leader with constant growth and over 130 highly trained real estate professionals. RE/MAX Premier is dedicated to helping its agents achieve the best possible results for you, the client. This is achieved by being recognized as a Trusted Industry Leader & State-of-the-Art Marketing Leader, having Conveniently Located Offices with Private Conference Rooms and High Tech Offices with State-of-the-Art Technology and State-of-the-Art Phone Systems, A Network of Related Professionals & Specialists, "Hands-On Brokers", Education, Effective use Seminars, Community Involvement, Active Agent involvement and Training Classes & User Support Groups.

A Trusted Industry Leader.
RE/MAX Premier is a trusted Industry Leader in Virginia and Maryland . They provide a sound professional base for each agent to achieve their highest goals. RE/MAX Premier interviews its agents and hires seasoned Realtors who have a proven track record of outstanding results. This is reflected in the number of transactions and quality feedback from clients. RE/MAX Premier has in place a system of checks and balances to ensure that everything goes smoothly and quickly as possible with each and every real estate transaction. If there is every a question or concern, you can always contact the office with a professional support staff or the Broker.

State of the Art Marketing Leader
RE/MAX advertises 25% more than anyone else and has the highest recognized brand symbol in the world and locally. As a result, you will see the RE/MAX brand every- where and it is supported by TV, RADIO, NEWSPAPER, and DIRECT MAIL. Furthermore, RE/MAX has a very strong Internet Presence and is served by one of the best well-organized and highly rated Real Estate Search programs available in the Northern Virginia, Maryland metropolitan area.


Conveniently Located Offices
Two main offices located in Fairfax and Loudoun counties. With multiple secondary office through out the region. Each office has all of the support technology and meeting rooms to provide you with the highest convenience possible.

Private Conference Rooms and High Tech Offices
Each of the offices has many private conference rooms where you can meet any time of the day. Each office is opened to the agent 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And has office staff on duty 7 days a week. Further each office has multiple workstations, faxes and toys for kids. RE/MAX is kid friendly and we foster a family environment.

State of the Art Technology
Each office is equipped with state of the art computer equipment and high speed Internet. Each workstation has the ability the abilities you will need to be 100% effective all the time and is backed with a support staff to provide the highest availability of the computers systems. In the past year, the technology systems were 100% available with no down time.

State of the Art Phone System
Each agent is provided use of a state of the art phone system. This phone system provides each agent the ability to redirect phone calls to mobile locations and notification system for message that is left on the phone system. So you will never be out of touch.

Network of Related Professionals & Specialists
RE/MAX Premier works with many Professionals and Specialists every day. These Professionals and Specialists are available to you the client and can help in multiple ways; from quick answers; to hiring a specialist for a specific task. This list ranges from Grass Mowing to Lawyers and everything in between.

Hands on Brokers
RE/MAX Premier is unique in that they have hands on brokers. They will help agents with problems that arise and will help agents expand their exposure and training. Do not under estimate the benefit of hands on broker being accessible to your agent.

Education & Effective Use Seminars
Continuing education is a requirement of RE/MAX Premier and the National Association of Realtors. Each agent is required to attend classes on various real estate subjects of their choice, along with required hours to ensure that each agent stays current with the laws, forms, policies and procedures.
Also, because RE/MAX Premier is dedicated to improving each agent, Premier presents seminars that help each agent keep current with trends and tools to make their business more effective and easier. These seminars help with a wide range of areas from Marketing to Technology.

Community Involvement
RE/MAX Premier is dedicated to multiple community involvement programs and community support programs. Some of these programs are the CMN Ride-a-Thon, Heros-INC, local sports and many other areas of community involvement. Each agent is encouraged to get involved with the community and stay active. RE/MAX Premier helped raise over $40,000 last year during its motorcycle ride-a-thon for Children's Hospital and the Children's Miracle Network. Agents may also donate through transactions to CMN.

Agent involvement
One of the many mottos at RE/Max Premier is- "There is more to life than Real Estate". Agent involvement is important for both you and the agent. RE/MAX Premier offers specials on travel and vacations. This helps agents understand that there is more to life than work and helps them to learn to relax. RE/MAX Premier is dedicated to each and every agent and wants them to achieve a balanced life in both work and family.